UGM will research your options for the most cost effective gas supply and transportation opportunities available to your operation.  We will ensure that 100% of the benefit of all discounts on gas cost, transportation, basis and fixed price opportunities end up in your pocket.  Our fee is straightforward.  All savings we achieve go into your balance sheet.


UGM works with a large number of suppliers and is in the market everyday.  As such, UGM can provide the optimum price for your supply.  If we can't increase your return on investment, there is not charge for our service.  That's how confident we are that we can add to your bottom line.


We can review your invoices for pricing errors, incorrect rate schedules or other errors or omissions in your favor that can create significant savings for you.


UGM can review your current natural gas contracts for savings opportunities and other concerns that could impact your company negatively.


If you are buying your natural gas directly from a utility or distribution company, UGM can research whether your facility is eligible for transportation service and more importantly where transportation service can provide savings for your company.  In some rare cases, even though transportation service may be available to your facility it may be more cost effective to remain with the utility.  Since we work solely for your interests we'll let you know what the best option is for you.